Ashokan Farewell – by The Fiddler

Video Campaigns can be a great way to advertise and bring awareness to your company. My brother runs Sorensen Insurance Agency in Heber City Utah. Around the valley he is also known as The Fiddler. We decided to run a video campaign using his fiddle to bring more awareness to his business. Before running this campaign most people associated him as either The Fiddler or their insurance agent but not as both.  The hope with a video campaign like this is to help people realize that he is both The Fiddler and an Insurance Agent.

We filmed the Ashokan Farewell at Cascade Springs in the fall. The decision to have him play three parts and appear as three separate people on the screen made the project much more complicated but we were still able to get it all filmed in a day.

Equipment Used:

-Canon 5d Mark iii
-Canon 60D
-Canon 24-70 f2.8 ii L
-Canon 100mm f2.8 L
-Aviator Travel Jib
-Jag 35 Shoulder Rig
-Steadicam 4000 Pro