How Codecs Work – Video Tutorial

If you work with video it is essential to understand the way codecs work and how they will change your image. David Kong put together an excellent video tutorial detailing the concepts behind each codec and how they work.  He does an great job at explaining it in a way that people like you and I can understand.  Here is an overview of what is covered in this video:

– What a codec is, and how it differs from a container.
– Different types of codecs – And why he frequently uses multiple codecs on a single project.
– Bit Depth – What does it really mean and why does it matter.
– Chroma Subsampling  4:4:4, 4:2:2, and 4:2:0, and when it becomes an issue.
– Spatial Compression and Blocking – One of the most common artefacts you see with normal work.
– Temporal Compression – Long-GOP codecs, inter-frame compression, and ALL-I codecs.
– Lossless vs. Lossy compression – How image compression differs from data compression.
– Bit Rate – How to calculate bit rates and the differences between kbps/kBps/Mbps/MBps.
– Raw – Briefly, the difference between Raw, compressed, and uncompressed video.

How Codecs Work – Tutorial from David Kong on Vimeo.