Here are some tips to help you with Your Photo Session?

I've put together a few simple tips here that will help you better prepare for your photo session. This will ensure an effective and harmonious running of the shoot. Maybe this is your first time in front of the camera so keep on reading and everything will be just fine.

Help Finding a Location
Locations help to determine the style, personality and quality of your photo shoots. Many of my clients already have some locations in mind which is great. I am building a library of locations I have used that I hope will be of some assistance to you in choosing a location. If your still unsure lets talk. I have helped many clients find locations that suit their needs. (This part of the website is still a work in progress.)
Choosing your outfit
What you choose to wear in a portrait is just as important as all the other details such as: lighting, location, and posing. Poorly selected clothing can take away from an otherwise really great portrait. Here are some great tips on choosing an outfit for you photo shoot.
Your creative vision
I work hard to get the best results out of our sessions, but to achieve this, the responsibility lies not only in my hands, but also in yours. Only constructive cooperation will provide appropriate the best results. Here are some ideas on how we can work together to meet your vision and have an incredible photo shoot.
What happens after the shoot?
After the shoot I narrow the photos down to only the best. I work with each photo individually to make it look its best. Most photographers then let you view the photos and choose which one(s) you want to purchase and usually at an exorbitant cost. That is where I differ. All the final photos you see are yours for free! Well ok, included in the session price. On top of that I allow for a certain number of revisions (depending on the package). I fully encourage looking at other photographers services. I have no doubt you will have a hard time finding the same quality of photos for anywhere near the price point.
What is included in the packages
I have set up sample web pages for each type of package. Here you can see exactly what you get and how you get them. (Still building this part of the website. Check back soon)